Scale Model Animation
      Making Small Models Come to Life
Model animation — bringing models to life — adds enormously to the
      Interest and enjoyment of any layout or individual model !

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SMA42 SOCS - Signal Only Command Station for Direct Wireless Control of DCC Mobile Decoders



SMA35 Interactive DCC Decoders IDEC The Next Generation - Sequencing Movement Sound & Lighting v1.08



Raspberry Pi for Model Railroaders   Model Railroad Hobbyist Mag, Mar 2019

RPi_for_Model Railroaders_MRH-Mar2019.pdf



         Build a WiFi Throttle MRH RE April 2019

         Build a WiFi Throttle you can customize



     Model Railroad Hobbyist Mag, Dec 2016     Arduino_for_Modelers.pdf
     (A modeler’s introduction to the Arduino)



Model Railroad Hobbyist Mag, Mar 2017  Page 204   DCC_Projects_Using_Arduino_Mar2017.pdf
(DCC projects using the Arduino)







HO Collector Magazine,   Q4 2018
(Lionel HO for the Ages)




Bobs Street._smalljpg



Railroad Model Craftsman Magazine,   March 2017
(Bob’s Barber Shop)




Model Railroad Hobbyist Mag, Jan 2016     Model_Working_Cranes2.pdf
(Building Four HO Scale Animated Cranes & Moving Cargo)

Model Railroad Hobbyist Mag, Dec 2015    Model_Working_Cranes1.pdf
(Building Four HO Scale Animated Cranes)

Model Railroad Hobbyist Mag, Nov 2014   Battery Powered Models in HO Scale.pdf
(Operating, remote controlled, dead-rail locomotives & models)


Railroad Model Craftsman Magazine,   May 2014
(A survey of projects for animating your model railroad)


Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine, February 2012    Points_of_Light.pdf
(Using micro Light Emitting Diodes in Scale Models–Tools & Techniques)

Model Railroad Hobbyist Mag Aug 2012   Bring_a_Wrecking Crane to Life.pdf
(Detailed Construction Guide for Animating an Athearn 250 Ton Model Crane
With DCC Control of Boom, Cab, Hook Motion, Lighting, & Custom Sound)

NYCentral Modeler Magazine, 2nd Quarter 2012   Crossbucks_&_Crossing_Gates.pdf
(Construction Guide to Kitbashing Lighted Crossing Gates & Crossbucks)

Model Railroad Hobbyist Mag, Feb 2013   Teach Your Engineers to Turn_Heads.pdf
(Build an Animated HO Scale Engineer that Looks Where He is Going)

Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine, July 2013   Scale Flash_Photography.pdf
(Realistic Animated Operation of a Rail-side Photographer)



NMRA 2nd Division Portland, Oregon “DCC Projects Beyond the Locomotive

Railway Modellers Meet of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Build a Simplified WiFi Throttle You Can Customize and Model Railroading with Arduinos


NMRA National Convention  Salt Lake City, Utah

Animating Scale Model Cranes: Five Projects for Model Railroaders  

Prototype Maintenance of Way Cranes and Derricks


35th National Garden Railway Convention Portland, Oregon

Animation in Model Railroads and Make & Take: Model Railroading with Arduinos

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        Visit one of the great inspirations that influenced my modeling – Pendon Museum, U.K.

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